Import product and service information

To save time and reduce data entry, you can import information on your products and services into OnBalance from a spreadsheet file.

Spreadsheet overview

You can upload the following file types.

  • CSV
  • XLSX - OnBalance does not import spreadsheets saved as XLS files.

At a minimum, your spreadsheet should include a column for Type (to note whether the type is a product or a service) and Name (a unique name to identify the product or service in OnBalance).

You can download a sample spreadsheet to see examples of column headings and sample information to help you prepare your spreadsheet.

Note: You will find the spreadsheet in your computer's Downloads folder.

Import products and services

Note: As you import product and service information, click the Back link in the lower left corner to go back to a previous screen to see or change information.

  1. In the Products & Services screen, click Manage > Import Products & Services.
  2. To upload a file, drag the file to the Upload File area, or click Browse For File and navigate to the file location.
  3. If uploading information from an XLSX file type, select the sheet to import from the Sheet to Import field.
  4. Mark the Include headers checkbox if your file has column headings you want to use when mapping columns.

    Note: If you do not mark this checkbox when mapping columns, the columns will be labeled Column A, Column B, and so on, and imported products and services will begin with the first row in the spreadsheet.

  5. Click Next.
  6. Select and map which columns of your spreadsheet to import. In the Column Mapping section, select a column for each product or service field.

    You can map the following columns from the spreadsheet you are importing.

    • Type - This is a required field and should indicate whether the entry is for a product that you sell or a service that you provide.
    • Name - This is a required field and should be the name you commonly use to refer to the product or service. The product or service name must be unique.
    • Price
    • Unit of Measure - This will be per hour, each, by the case, etc.
    • Sales Tax - This should be yes or no depending on whether you charge sales tax for the product or service.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Review the information one last time before you click Import.


    • You can edit the Name column.
    • If you do not map the type or the Type column in your spreadsheet is blank for a product or service, the type defaults to Service. You can change the type in the Products & Services screen after the import is complete, but you cannot change the type in the Review screen.
    • The Price and Unit Of Measure columns are not required fields. The information in these columns maps from your spreadsheet columns.
    • Mark the Omit Row checkbox for any transactions you do not want to import.
  9. Click Import. Your products and services will appear in the Products & Services screen.

The availability of some or all of these features depends on your OnBalance bundle.

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