Create a credit memo for a customer

If a customer is not satisfied with some aspect of your company's products or services, you can accommodate your customer by issuing a credit memo. Your customer can then purchase other products or services from your company using the credit memo as a form of payment.


  • If your business is in a service industry and you want to apply general credits, you can create a generic service credit item to use in your credit memos.
  • You cannot issue credit memos using the OnBalance mobile app. To issue a credit memo, log in to OnBalance on the web.
  1. Do one of the following.

    • In the Customers screen, click the applicable customer, and then click the down arrow for the New Sale button > New Credit Memo.
    • In the Sales screen, click the down arrow for the New Sale button > New Credit Memo, and select the customer in the Customer field.
  2. In the Original Invoice field, select the invoice related to the credit.
  3. Optional: To have OnBalance automatically enter information from the original invoice in the Product / Service Name, Quantity, Price, and Amount fields, click Load Items.
  4. Optional: Enter the price and quantity to issue the credit.

    Note: In order to enter the price and quantity, you need to select at least one product / service item.

  5. If this customer has any outstanding invoices, in the Outstanding Invoices section, mark the checkbox for each invoice to which you want to apply the credit memo.
  6. Click Save & Send to send the credit memo to your customer, or click Save & Close to close this screen and send the credit memo later.

The availability of some or all of these features depends on your OnBalance bundle.

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